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Businessman killed in robbery

A businessman is dead after he was robbed inside his establishment last night in Bella Vista Village, Toledo District.  Correspondent Harry Arzu spoke to the landlord who resides on the upper flat of Chen’s Store.
Selvin Perez, Owner of Building: “So last night when I went to take a shower I heard a gunshot and I told my wife that somebody went and broke into Mr.Xu’s place and when I put on my clothes and came out I saw a lot of people run and when I reached the man had already left.”
Reporter: Which man?
Selvin Perez, Owner of Building: “The man that came to steal the place. When I checked the counter I saw Mr.Xu on the ground. I called the police and the police took a long time to come and when they came they told me to take him to the doctor and he took me in his vehicle to Mango Creek. We took him to the hospital and then they said that the had died already.”
Reporter: What part of him got shot?
Selvin Perez, Owner of Building: “I didn’t see it because he had a lot of blood on his face and I didn’t see anybody but I heard only one person.”
Reporter: So he walked into the store?
Selvin Perez, Owner of Building: “Only if he stood in front of the counter and when Mr.Xu didn’t want to give him the money he went back to him and tried to shoot the man. I don’t know what else because I didn’t see the man and I haven’t spoken with the people I just took Mr.Xu to the hospital.”
Reporter: Did anybody else get hurt?
Selvin Perez, Owner of Building: “Nobody else only him.”
Xu’s employee, Miraldo Sho also spoke to Love News, recalling what transpired.
Miraldo Sho, Shop Employee: “I was pricing toilet paper when I heard a voice that said ‘give me the money hurry.’ and I said to myself, ‘who is that?’ so I came and checked what was happening and from there I saw that a man was already behind the boss with a gun inside the shop. So I noticed that it was a thief so the man said ‘hurry’ and the Chineyman didn’t want to give him the money so that is why the Chiney man got shot and when he got shot. The man got the money he put it in the bag and he went. Thats the only thing I saw.”
Reporter: Where did he get shot?
Miraldo Sho, Shop Employee: “Well I can’t explain to you because I only saw-” 
Reporter: What part of the body.
Miraldo Sho, Shop Employee: “I can’t really explain which part of the body but he had blood on the chest and ear and jaw, I only saw that.”
Reporter: What kind of gun? Did you see any kind of gun?
Miraldo Sho, Shop Employee:“It’s a black gun, police said they found some pellets and they said it was a pump 12. I didn’t know how much money he took.”
Reporter: Describe the person.
Miraldo Sho, Shop Employee: “He had long sleeves with camouflage and a mask and a cap. All of the people that were there outside the shop went running because they heard the gunshot so all of the people were running.”
Reporter: How many shots were fired?
Miraldo Sho, Shop Employee: “Only one time. The Chiney girl was burning garbage when she came in and from there she saw that her husband was on the ground. “
Reporter: You are very lucky.
Miraldo Sho, Shop Employee:  “Yes I am very lucky I think because gun is a dangerous thing.”
Love News understands that the incident happened just after seven o’clock last night.  Jingzhang Xu was shot multiple times to the body.  The shooter was reportedly dressed in camouflage and a face mask.  Xu was rushed to the Independence Polyclinic but he died shortly before eight o’clock last night.