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Businessman and politician Rosendo “Chendo” Urbina passes

Businessman and United Democratic Party politician Rosendo “Chendo” Urbina has passed away. Mister Urbina passed away on Thursday night. He was Belize’s former Ambassador to Mexico and was also a former standard bearer for the UDP in Orange Walk Central. Urbina had contested the 2008 General Election against PUP Leader and Orange Walk Central Area Representative John Briceno, but lost. In an interview with the media today, Minister Godwin Hulse spoke of Urbina’s passing

Minister Godwin Hulse: “He was a pillar of this society so my condolences to the Government, his family and his loved ones. I knew Chendo really well, really really well. He was an outstanding person. We call some people old school and those were the people who had that kind of discipline and dignity and respect across the political spectrum and everywhere. Sometimes we lose that and I come from that grouping and would love to see that we retain that, whatever it is and here was one of those persons so again our sympathies go out to this family.”

A post on the Government Facebook page today states, quote, “The Government of Belize extends its condolences to the family and friends of former Ambassador of Belize to Mexico H.E. Rosendo Urbina Sr. Ambassador Urbina’s impact on the business sector can never be overstated along with his contributions to the tourism industry as a Director at the Belize Tourism Board,” end of quote.