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Businessman Yhony Rosado has issue with authorities

Businessman, Yhony Rosado is back in the news after hosting a press briefing this morning. In it, he raises three issues, two of which have to do with the Belize City Council. The other involves concerns he has with the Police. He says he paid sixty-five thousand dollars for a 2021 Volkswagen Atlas from a dealer here in Belize; however, he alleges that police confiscated his vehicle without providing him with an explanation. Reports suggest that the vehicle was reported stolen from a rental company. Rosado says his business transaction is legit since he was able to get a certificate of authenticity. Then, he argues that the way the police came to confiscate the vehicle was unprofessional because, at the time, his youngest children and his wife were in the vehicle. Here is how he explained it: 

Yhony Rosado, Businessman:  The way the police are behaving, brutalising our poor Creole people, they do the same to the middle class business people.  So I was very disturbed, I asked them all the questions that a human can ask, why are you taking my property? Who sent you? What is going on? Boss, I have the papers for my vehicle. I showed them the paper from the city council you know as official from the government of our country Belize. The traffic department gives you a paper with a stamp and signature. I can’t forge it. I showed them that, and they don’t care. I asked them who they were, they didn’t have to tell me. They almost took my family, but they took me to the Raccoon Street Police Station and they still didn’t tell me who they were, by that time I was figuring it was the police. So it’s very important that we are not second class human beings. We are average Belizeans and we deserve answers whenever we ask questions. The way that the police behave is very unprofessional, arrogant and trampling the only human rights this country has given us, our constitution. They don’t care about the constitution or anything. They literally operate like a gang. 

Rosado is also alleging that the Belize City Council is charging him double for trade licenses. Rosado says he is up to date with his licenses only for him to receive a cease-and-desist notice if he doesn’t pay almost two thousand dollars immediately. Out of frustration, Rosado says he paid again, despite trying to communicate to the council that he’s already paid. 

Yhony Rosado, Businessman: The City Council has charged me and they have sent me a stop order for my business to cease and desist. And that was very hard for any businessman. If you have a business and you get a letter from the City Council, which is the government of our city, and you get a stop order to cease and desist and you’ve been doing it for over 20 years, it is hard. Everything that happens between my business, I am responsible for, so I am holding the Mayor of this city accountable for the stop order that they have sent me while I am paying my trade licence to the City Council, so I don’t know what mix up I have. And this is the reason they need to sit down and relax and explain. If you have your receipt that you have paid your trade licence, and you get a stop order, that means, who did I pay? Who took my money in that office? That was the million dollar question. Who took my money and didn’t put it in the account and the city council found me guilty or found me “mal pago”, or found me delinquent. I was a delinquent, after 20 years of not failing the city council, they decided to put a stop order on my business. 

Asked what his next course of action is, Rosado says he would prefer to deal with it out of court, but he will lawyer up if he has to.