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Businesswoman robbed at gunpoint in her house; police charge one man

A businesswoman from St. Matthew’s Village in the Cayo District, Bibiana Cus was targeted by robbers on Friday night. The 45-year-old was held up at gunpoint in her own house.  Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke with her.

Fem Cruz: Roaring Creek Police are investigating a home invasion that occurred in St. Matthews Village on Friday night. 45 year old business woman of St. Matthews Village Liliana Cruz explains.

Liliana Cruz: About minutes to 9 a dark colored guy went to buy $1 cigarette and then I saw him because I know the people in St. Matthews, I know everybody that goes to my little store to buy. I know them but that time when that guy reach; it look strange so immediately I close my shop and I went into my hammock but I forget to close the screen door behind dah back by my kitchen and then when I heard the dog start to bark I told my little girl go and lock the screen door, did you lock the screen door?, when my little girl went to lock the screen door she said she saw the same guy that used to live at my house. She hurry lock the screen door and he start to break the screen door. When he was making noise with the screen door I get up in the hammock and I hear my little girl screaming. How when I see Valerio have already broke the screen door and he pushed the gun and his whole body through the screen door and with the gun and my little girl run and he chase the little girl and the little girl went upstairs and hide underneath the bed and I trying to escape through the other door but the door is lock. When he come and then put the gun on my head, he tell the guy to deal with her and the same guy, the other person that came with him and that was the same person that came to buy the cigarette then he shub me into the colored bwai and tell the colored bwai bust off the chain, take the ring and take the watch. The guy just rip off my chain and it’s hard to burst, he rip off the chain on my neck and he told me take of the ring and I gave him the ring and take off the watch so I take of the watch and make I give him the money and the key for the vehicle and make I hand all the money to him. I tell him I don’t have and the little girl tell him I don’t have and the little girl told him mommy doesn’t have money and the only thing that I can show him is the draw where I have the money for the shop, that’s what he got, they lock me in my son room and they told me not to scream and they took my little son to hold the dog and he make the dog don’t bite them and open the gate and the drive with the vehicle. I must have lost over $25000.

Fem Cruz: But you managed to get back the vehicle?

Liliana Cruz: Yes we manage to get back the vehicle, I thank police them, they respond immediately, they put the checkpoints on Hattie Ville and down the road and then I get back my vehicle. I thank god nothing happen to me so bad they didn’t hurt me.

Fem Cruz:  This is Brother Fem Cruz reporting from the Nation’s Capital for Love FM.

Swift police response led to a coordinated police operation which resulted in the interception of the vehicle by Hattieville Police and the detention of one person.  Today, Valerio Aragon was charged with breach of protection order, aggravated burglary and aggravated assault with a firearm. Police are looking for another person.