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Buzzad’s Murder Leaves Police Stunned

Forty-year-old, Kariem “Buzzard” Hafiya who was a security guard at the Belize City House of Culture was gunned down while entering a gated yard on Plues Street on Saturday morning sometime around four o’clock.  Hafiya received multiple gunshot injuries and died on the scene. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, told the media yesterday the motive is not gang related.


“This one is a stunning one to us. We are still trying to figure out what went wrong there. Mr.Hafiya has been in that area for quite some time now and if you recall I think about two weeks ago he was robbed in that same area and the perpetrator of that crime is currently in prison that is one angle we are looking at. The next angle we are looking at is the fact that we understand that he had a dispute with a woman and that woman had made some threats to him so we are looking at those two possibilities as to what may have resulted into his murder but at this time from what we are seeing it does not appear to be gang related at all because he is not involved in any gang and while we may have an idea more or less who are the persons responsible we are still trying to determine which of the two motives could be more closely related to him. It is more difficult because with the gang related incidents if we would foresee them coming we could put measures in place to prevent them and another thing we can do is call interventions between the parties and intervene between them but when it happens just like this and especially when it comes between some personal thing between man and woman it is even more difficult to determine exactly what may have gone on. So yes there are more difficult than the gang related incidents.”

Scenes of Crime personnel reportedly found thirteen expended shells at the murder scene. NICH sent a press release today sending condolences for the loss of Hafiya stating “The NICH Belize management and staff extend their condolences to the family and friends of Karim Hafiya. Mr. Hafiya joined NICH Belize in April 2016, working as a security guard at the Belize City House of Culture. Although only with the organization for a short time, Mr. Hafiya’s colleagues describe him as a genuine, humble person with an uplifting personality, who was always willing to serve.” End of quote.