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BWC vs FSTV Over Garbage

Belize Waste Control had enjoyed a cordial relationship of service with the Fort Street Tourism Village clearing any garbage that accumulated at the FSTV. However for some months now, the two agencies had disagreements on how to deal with the issue of excess waste at the FSTV. George Lamb, Manager of Belize Waste Control spoke with Love News today about the problem that today escalated to another level.


“Having problem with FSTV and the vendors operating in the tourist village for a number of years and it came to a head just earlier this morning when I received a phone call from one of the personnel there I think it might be someone in management and it was very abusive and so I tried to respond but it all came out as a result of FSTV and the vendors operating there are unwilling to pay for the cost of service. We have an agreement where waste control is required to provide storage receptacles for garbage generated there and also timely pick up. We are required to maintain a standard that will compliment the industry that is an international port and we want to have a good image but for other reasons also. We kept our side of the bargain back in October or September of last year they had requested additional storage containers, this facility has been generating over 300 cubic yards of garbage every month and that is quite a lot comparing to what businesses outside that are generating I would say two to three times what the businesses outside of FTSV the ordinary businesses generate.”

Lamb stated that the Waste Control Management has no problem in supplying the service but is demanding that FSTV pay extra for excess waste the Waste Control needs to collect because it costs them more to collect it.


“We have a problem with that, we provide the additional container but in so doing we also approach the management facility and said that someone has to pay for the excess waste. When we estimate October, November, December, January, February most of those months are closer to eight to ten thousand we have lost in revenue because nobody wants to pay. December primarily it’s a little bit over $10,000 so we have approached them and we are trying, and somebody has to pay for that service. Waste Control cannot work for free, there are costs and we are required to do the service late in the evening because they are doing business in the day and we’ve been trying all kinds of ways to get FSTV and the villagers to pay but we were unsuccessful. So when they made the request we decided to take a step back and reduce the collection days and reduce the containers to the equivalent of what we’ve been collecting from FSTV and all the operators from in there. We quantify how much cubic yards that would amount to and then we provide the frequency to accommodate that, the volume of garbage removed and days of collection. That didn’t sit well with the management there. They generate an excessive amount of garbage but they require us to move it and nobody wants to be responsible to pay us for it.”

Today the Waste Control Management was told that they are not allowed to go into the FSTV facility anymore. Later on in the evening, Lamb stated that he received a call that the management of FSVT asked that the Waste Control Management remove its containers from the facility. Lamb is asking FSTV to sit and negotiate with them and find a compromise.