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BWS employees and ITVET teachers complete training on plumbing code

The Public Utilities Commission held a training on the plumbing code with sixteen participants including ITVET teachers and field supervisors of the Belize Water Services Limited. The group received their certificates of completion this morning at the ITVET compound in Belize City in a brief ceremony. Director of the water and waste water sector at the PUC, Rudolf Williams told us more about the training.


Rudolf Williams – Director, Water and waste water sector, PUC

“The training was designed as an initiative to address the lack of implementation of the plumbing code which results with the poor quality subcode plumbing works being installed in Belize. There is a plumbing code which is the law in Belize and there has been little enforcement of the code and one of the reasons for that is that we the plumbers who are working in Belize are not certified to become licensed plumbers and so before we can even get to that process there, we need to make sure that the plumbers who are coming out of the IT VET have the full knowledge of plumbing so that they can come out certified and eventually plumbing license so that we can ensure that there are improved quality of plumbing works being installed in Belize.


“And now the PUC will be implementing these codes and the requirements?”


Rudolf Williams – Director, Water and waste water sector, PUC

“It’s a first step. The process is a lengthy one. We take this as a first step and that there are huge steps that have to be made to get the full implementation of the plumbing code. The plumbing impacts on several different regulatory agencies not only the PUC and so what we are doing is that we are collaborating with all the agencies to ensure that when we go to full implementation that we have the concerns of all the regulatory agencies and the stakeholders incorporated into the regulations so that is under preparation at this time.”


Minister of Education Patrick Faber was present for the event. He says vocational and technical education is an area that can help in Belize’s development. The training started on July 31 and concluded on August 15.