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BWS warns customers of imposters

The Belize Water Services is warning customers of imposters.  According to BWS ‘a group of imposters are posing as BWS employees to gain access to residents’ homes. They do this by advising customers that there is a need to install shower caps in order to conserve water. However, BWS does not have ‘any such campaign going on and residents should be wary of unexpected visitors claiming to be from BWS.’ If a person claiming to be an employee of BWS shows up at your front door, verify that the person has a BWS uniform and is driving a vehicle with the BWS logo on it. These persons should also present their photo identification badge which should be on display at all times. Residents are also being advised that they should be cautious of people claiming to come from BWS without an appointment because visits are planned ahead of time with customers. If you have had one of these visits from imposters or a visit you are suspicion about you are asked to call BWS’ hotline at 0-800-CALL-BWS (0-800-225-5297) or the Police at 911.