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BWSL takes PUC to court of reduction of rates

The Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) has engaged in court proceedings against the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). BWSL has been granted judicial review, challenging the PUC’s decision to reduce the water rate which should have come into effect April of this year. The PUC has mandated that there should be a rate reduction of six point three percent but BWSL has yet to implement the reduced rates. Chairman of the PUC, John Avery spoke on the matter during yesterday’s press conference.

John Avery, PUC Chairman: “I only have a right to go to court, everybody have a right to go to court if they feel aggrieved about anything.”

Reporter: But sir

John Avery, PUC Chairman: “Let me put it this way Jules because I don’t want to prejudice and case, let me put it this way the PUC as you’ve seen in public hearings we’ve had for BWS year after year when we do raid review we are not satisfied with the performance of BWS. I will just leave it at that.”

Just to be sure this is not with the whole issue with the whole independent expert?

John Avery, PUC Chairman: “No they didn’t object anything they just applied for judicial review, well they applied initially for the injunction and they got the injunction there was and injunction hearing they changed the application for and the asked for a stay rather than and injunction so they got their stay until the matter is heard.”


The next court date for this matter is May 28.