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Cabinet Approves Booster Shots for Selected Groups

Coming out of last week’s Cabinet meeting was the approval for booster shots to be given to medical officers and the elderly population. The Ministry of Health has since begun the administering of the booster shots which reportedly are from the Pfizer brand.

Ernesto Vasquez, Host, The Morning Show: “Listening to the medical professionals I decided to take my booster shot and I’ve been pretty lucky that I don’t have any serious side effects but what it does doe and I could say in Kriol it “mash me up.” All my joints, I couldn’t sleep good last night, a little bit of chills but I don’t feel sick I just feel mash up. I want your opinion, did I do good ?”

Dr.Uldine Wright, President, BNDA: “Very well. You should be taking your Tylenol though to subside these symptoms. Recent research has shown if you have taken AstraZeneca and now a Pfizer your immunity boost is much higher than if you were using the same vaccine so you’re good.”

Ernesto Vasquez, Host, The Morning Show: “Okay because when I was there I told my wife I want to take AstraZeneca because I know it already and she said “No we have to listen to the professionals.” and I listen to my wife and so we took the Pfizer and yes I’m of course doing my own research I find that the mixing up and these cocktails and so should benefit us.”

Speaking on the role of the booster shots was Dr Uldine Wright of the Belize Medical and Dental Association. Dr Wright says it is now left to be seen how effective the boosters will be.

Dr.Uldine Wright, President, BNDA: “We’re learning now as we expected they had projected a six month immunity with these vaccines and AstraZeneca was boasting 99% efficacy toward severe COVID but we have been seeing over the past five/six months that that is not the case. We have been seeing deaths, severe illnesses from fully vaccinated persons and it has been shown that it’s because of decline in immune response with the vaccines especially in older persons and in persons with comorbidities. So this is expected, we’re going to see how long with this booster shot how long we’re expected to have immunity and it is possible that we would need to have just like we have with the flu shot every year we might have to do something like that. It’s not yet known, still in studies. But this has been proven worldwide. Israel has been doing booster shots for months now and they have seen a great decrease in the incidents of cases in patients more than sixty years old and if you look at us here in Belize majority of our deaths between September first has been persons over sixty. Looking at the numbers we have been seeing the between 12 and 17 being receptive to vaccines and I’m sure you’ve been following the news internationally it’s been approved for over five the same Pfizer. So we’re gonna wait and see when that affects us because like we’ve been seeing majority of our vaccine is based on donation so we have a really young population and we’re looking at the deaths the majority of them are happening over sixty after vaccination so that would a population that needs the booster shots. So we’re gonna put our resources where it’s mostly needed. We’re not having much children dying so we’re putting it where it’s needed for the booster shots for the elderly.”