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Cabinet Approves Booster Vaccine Shots for Selected Groups of Citizens

Staying on the COVID-19 front, Belize’s vaccination numbers are slowly improving, but still not close to its national target of seventy-one percent. More than two hundred and five thousand Belizeans have gotten their first dose while another one hundred and seventy-eight thousand are fully vaccinated. On this backdrop, Cabinet today announced that it has approved booster shoots for several groups, including golden citizens. Deputy Director of Health Services Lizett Bell discussed this on today’s edition of “Up 2 The Minute”.

Lizett Bell, Deputy Director of Health Services: “The Ministry of Health and Wellness would like to inform the general public that booster shots are now available at the different vaccinations sites. However the booster shots that are available are for certain category of persons. So we are starting the booster shots for those persons who are in high risk groups. So the healthcare workers you are now able to get your booster, persons that have comorbidities which means that persons who may have diabetes, hypertension, cancer, or any other autoimmune disorder we recommend that you access your booster shot for COVID-19 and also persons sixty years and older. So going forward the booster shots are available for anyone who have completed their two doses of AstraZeneca they can go for a third dose as a booster to any of the facilities and if you also got the Pfizer you can also go and get your booster. So if you have five months post your second dose you can access the booster shots effective immediately.”

As you heard, it also includes all healthcare workers and individuals with comorbidities. In terms of vaccinations, about 41.6 percent of Belizeans – or one hundred seventy-eight thousand seven hundred and thirty-nine – have gotten two doses. About thirty-six percent of children between ages twelve and seventeen have gotten two doses. By district, Orange Walk leads with fifty-one percent of its population vaccinated, followed by Corozal at forty-seven percent and Belize District tallied forty-three. Stann Creek, Cayo and Toledo recorded forty-two, thirty-nine and twenty-three percent respectively.