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Cabinet decides to accept former Contractor General’s missing reports

Yesterday we told you that former Contractor General Godwin Arzu wanted to submit his missing annual reports to the National Assembly at the end of April. We were told that his reports were not accepted by since he is no longer the contractor general and the law states that it is only the contractor general who shall submit reports for it to be tabled before the Senate. Today we got an update from Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber who told us that Cabinet discussed the matter.

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: “I believe the Prime Minister indicated on Tuesday that the reports were handed in and they were accepted. I don’t know how anybody else can hand them in when he was the Contractor General over the period so I don’t know that anybody else can make the report. What you’re saying to me is news that they are disputing that he actually has the authority to hand them in now. But as far as I understood it the reports are being accepted and we go from there.”

Reporter: Does that mean that he will be reappointed?

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: “Well that is a decision that we still have to make. I don’t know that we’re there.”

Reporter: He stopped being Contractor General on December 2017 he didn’t have those reports or at least he didn’t submit those reports by then, some individuals are saying that for him to submit those reports he had to get documents from the Contractor General’s Office. During these months he’s been acting as though he is Contractor General..

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: “You are now supposing that he is engaged with getting documents when he is not the- we don’t know that for a fact, we don’t know so I’m not going to speculate and guess and cast aspersions.”

Reporter: So no timeline as to when we’ll get that replacement or if he is going to-

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: “We’re working diligently to find or to make sure that there is no vacancy there.”

Arzu stopped submitting annual reports in 2012.