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Cabinet gives the nod for cyber bullying legislation

In yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, a paper was tabled and unanimously supported to work against those who engage in cyber-bullying.  Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber, told Love News that the Attorney General can now move full steam ahead with legislation.

Honorable Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber: “Yesterday in Cabinet there was a Cabinet paper tabled by the Ministry of Human Development that sought Cabinets permission for the Human Development Ministry along with the Attorney General’s Ministry to proceed quickly to develop legislation to deal with situations where people are being extorted or as the term is being put out there as revenge porn and that kind of devastation to people’s life and career. When it is intentionally done by people who do that kind of thing. That paper was tabled in Cabinet and it was supported by all of Cabinet to give the nod to the AG and the Ministry of Human Development to proceed to ensure that legislation is put in place so that these people can be held criminally responsible. There was a particular focus of cause and this came at the insistence at the Human Development Ministry in that paper. That particular issue is being looked at as it related to young people being affected by this.”

The paper in Cabinet comes on the heels of multiple sex videos and cases cyber bullying occurring in Belize.//////