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Christopher Coye, Minister of State [FINANCE]:

Cabinet Ministers Set to Meet with Union Leaders

Tomorrow the Cabinet ministers will be meeting and one of the points on their agenda is the ongoing negotiations with the unions. With all this superbond talk and the comments from the bondholders, it does beg the question if the unions are fully apprised of the economic woes that the country faces. Minister Coye told the media today that he feels that the facts are not necessarily explained to the union membership.

Christopher Coye, Minister of State [FINANCE]:
Christopher Coye, Minister of State [FINANCE]: “I would hope that they appreciate the gravity. There are the union leaders that we speak to and the impression I have is that they full appreciate the gravity but we don’t get to speak to the membership so we don’t know the extent to which the fiscal position is understood by them. When I have meetings with different ministries in which I make presentations on the economic and fiscal position it is always eye opening to hear the comments of those participants in those meetings that they weren’t aware of the situation we were in, they were not made aware of the situation we are in. In fact some have said they would have volunteered their adjustment right away if they knew so I can’t say to what extent the unions understand I just get the impression that the union leaders do.”

As the unions prepare to picket the Cabinet meeting tomorrow, and as the teachers continue their strike action, Love News learnt today that there is no agreement drafted by the unions and the government representatives as was indicated to us on Friday.

Christopher Coye, Minister of State [FINANCE]: “I don’t know of any agreement that has been drafted between the government reps and the union reps last week. Cabinet is going to make a determination on what will be the next steps with respect to the union so that has to be left for Cabinet to determine.”

Love News will continue following the nationwide strike action and will report on the developments.