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Cabinet says NO to Vulcan’s White Ridge Project

Cabinet in its brief today affirmed its policy decision that no surface mining (strip, open put, mountain top) or any other type of mining activity in the Gales Point Manatee area shall be permitted having regard to the surrounding communities’ concerns and given the threats and damages it may cause to the environment, including its extensive and sensitive biodiversity, watershed and other immense ecological systems. Back in August, Dr. Ed Boles raise the alarm about Vulcan Materials Company, a multi-billion dollar aggregate mining company in the United States, and its reported purchase of White Ridge Farm in the Stann Creek District of Belize. Dr Boles says that the company’s intent is to blast, pulverize, and ship Sugar Hills, a limestone formation, to the southeastern US for use as road fill. Blasting shall disrupt local hydrologic systems in the Southern Lagoon area, threatening the largest concentration of Caribbean manatees, as well as Central American River Turtles, American Crocodiles, and other fauna. However on its website the company says that The White Ridge Project is an environmentally and socially sustainable limestone quarry, on the White Ridge Farm property near Gales Point, Belize. But Dr. Boles says that the crushed material shall be carried by a conveyer bridge that passes over an important Hawks Bill Sea Turtle nesting beach to waiting cargo ships in the dredged out centre of the Inner Channel behind the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.