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Cabinet says “YES” to ICJ

It’s Tuesday and that means that Government’s Cabinet members were in session in Belmopan this morning.  We don’t ordinarily hear what is discussed in these meetings unless there is some resolution or pressing issue decided on; which is the case in this instance.  While it comes as no surprise, it is official that the Cabinet is supporting a yes vote in the upcoming ICJ referendum.  A release came out just before five o’clock this evening saying that the vote was unanimous and that the decision was made on the grounds that Belize rids itself of the unfounded Guatemalan claim.  The release stated, quote, “In May 2018, it was announced that the official position of the Cabinet was that a ‘Yes’ vote ought to be recommended to the people of Belize without prejudice to individual members of Cabinet reserving their right to disagree.  All members of Cabinet are now fully convinced that Belize needs to take this matter to the ICJ.  After decades of failed attempts to end the claim using other options, Cabinet is convinced that given Belize’s legal certitude of having title to all its territory and confident that Belize can comprehensively prove this at the independent and impartial ICJ, Belizeans must seize the opportunity provided by the ICJ route.  Cabinet also urges all Belizeans to become informed on why this is the best option for Belize to move forward in its national development, free of the burden and costs of Guatemala’s groundless claim.”  End of quote.