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Cabinet Tells Vulcan NO!

In this week’s Cabinet brief, the Briceno Administration made it quite clear that it’s a NO for Vulcan Material Company. Cabinet said that no surface mining or any other type of mining activity in the Gales Point Manatee area shall be permitted having regard to the surrounding communities’ concerns and given the threats and damages it may cause to the environment, including its extensive and sensitive biodiversity, watershed and other immense ecological systems. But Vulcan is persistent in its plane to realize its White Ridge Project in that area. Today, Prime Minister John Briceno told reporters that Vulcan can apply as many times it wants for a license but the government’s position will not change. 

John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize: “I think it is within their right if they want to apply. They could apply for a hundred times. It doesn’t matter. I don’t see Cabinet changing its mind. This area, these hills, are pretty in its natural state and one of the things that the Minister of Tourism was talking about was Cultural Tourism and to go into these small villages to be able to see how they can use their culture, use their environment to be able to attract tourists to come. That area has a lot of history for Belize and so, obviously, and slo environment is important. That’s a very important  catchment area for water. So we don’t think it’s in the national interest of Belize and it ends there.”