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Caleb Responds to DPM on Church State Commission

Gay Activist, Caleb Orozco is currently in Cancun, Mexico attending a coalition meeting of the LGBTI at the OAS General Assembly.  Despite not being in country, Orozco says he has been following the local news and is has found it necessary to submit his position on the Church State Commission and the comments made by the head of the commission, Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber.  He wrote, quote, “I write this open letter to record the following position regarding how Section 53 impacted the Church and the Morality Commission; a position taken by Minister Faber on LoveTV.”  End of quote.  He added that the commission was the first structure that government became complicit, in advance marginalization of its own citizens in the name of bigotry and holding on to political power.  According to him it was also the first structure that government created to undermine its own investment in education, preventative health education, sexual and reproductive health services for women, youth and LGBT citizens in the name of political power and that the commission subsequently became more important than the spirit of the constitution which require the state to address the social and economic disparities between citizens. In a recent interview, Minister Faber noted that the Government is ready to learn from the entities on the commission what their views are regarding the issues that came out of the ruling on Section 53; that comment has now been regarded by Orozco as a reckless disregard of the LGBT Belizean Fundamental rights and an undermining of the Prime Minister’s value of natural justice. Orozco, who led the application on Section 53, says that the question should not be how Section 53 has affected the church; the question should be, “how has government complicitness with the Church since independence has helped to perpetrate violence, discrimination and oppression of LGBT Belizeans. He ended his statement by saying that if we are ever to move forward in a matter manner, Minister Faber would have to have two dialogues; one with the several specific NGOs and another with the Church leaders and government as arbitrators.