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California JPs Active and Helping Fellow Belizeans

Belizeans living in California, USA and who are a part of the Justice of the Peace Association hosted a delegation from Belize over the weekend for a special meeting and swearing in ceremony.  Heading the delegation to the US was the President of the Belize Justice of the Peace Association, Adrian Danny Madrid.  He was accompanied by the Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte and Crown Counsel Brianna Williams.  Speaking at the function on Saturday was the President of the California Chapter of JP’s Silvano Torres.


According to Torres, there is a list of other initiatives to be undertaken by the California association.


Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte also addressed the gathering and stressed on the importance of the association working closely with the Consul General for Belize in California.


The swearing in was done by Belize’s Crown Counsel, Brianna Williams.  The current California Chapter has an executive board led by its President, Silvano Torres; Vice President, Jeannette Parish; Secretary, Lauretta Usher; Treasurer, Dorla Paulino and Advisor, Roy Young.  Meanwhile, the recently sworn in members are Wilhelm Johnson, Cruz Ozaeta, Sophia Green, Dorothy Fairweather-Bermudez and Lennox Bradley.  In their capacity as a Justice of the Peace these men and women in the US can notarize applications for Belizean passports, life certificates for Belizeans, documents for pensioners who reside in the United States, land transaction documents and an array of other Belizean documents.  The Belize Association of Justices of the Peace, California Chapter, was formed on April 23, 2005, with 22 members.