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Camalote Incident Leaves Several Hospitalized and Injured

A number of persons had to seek medical attention following an incident at a farm in Camalote Village in the Cayo District on New Year’s Day.  Correspondent Fem Cruz was called out to the area and filed tthis report.


Upon arrival at the scene, Police saw a red Toyota Tacoma pickup truck on the right hand side of the feeder road extensively damaged to its front portion. About 50 feet on the other side of the feeder road was a green John Deere tractor with a bushhog with its four wheels in the air. According to 48-year-old, Maria Barcenas, a resident of Camalote Village, she along with her two sons, daughter-in-law and a friend almost lost their lives after the vehicle they were travelling in was ran over by a John Deer tractor driven at the time by 36-year-old, Eddie Fuentes, a resident of Camalote Village and caretaker of Cayo Cattle company. 24 year old Alex Castellanos explained more about the incident.


At around 4am we got a call from my brother telling us that he needed some help because a man wanted to kill him with a machete. We went, my mom drove in a red Tacoma pick up to search for my brother. When we got there he was hiding in a bush and he came out to tell us that a guy named Eddie Fuentes wanted to kill him with a machete. We told him to get in the truck so that we could go home. Coming out we saw two big lights coming toward us. The guy ran right over us, the front and back wheels ran right over the pickup which caused him to flip. That caused my hand to be broken in three places, my pregnant sister in law got hurt and my mother is still in the hospital with her chest bruised. We had already called the police and we were leaving so the police met us running. We went back with the police and we found the guy still waiting with the machete in his hand looking for us as if he still wanted to kill us. The police talked to him and he put down the machete and that was it. They rushed us to the hospital.”


Eddie FuentesLove News visited Eddie Fuentes who is hospitalized at the Western Regional Hospital who gave us his side of the story.”


New Year’s Eve I heard the dog barking and that was around 3:30 am and I got up and checked and I started to see the cattle running around and that meant that something was not right. I got up and I started to check. I got on the tractor and started to drive down the road and I came down the road and I saw where the water pipe burst. I continued driving but when I stopped four male persons grabbed me off the tractor and while they dragged me I felt a machete strike me on my left arm. I got away from them and I drove down. While driving away I realized I got hurt so driving back I saw this vehicle, it didn’t have any light I just heard the noise and when I realized I was already in front of the vehicle and that is how I flipped over. Now I’m in hospital with bruises, recovering from a surgery and I also learned that I was stabbed in my left arm.”