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Camalote Wants Private Lands to Be Distributed

Some residents of Camalote Village are upset over land distribution in the village.  We hear more in this report from correspondent Fem Cruz.


“A very heated community meeting was held with the Chairman Oliver Wiltshire and residents of Good Living Ranch, Camalote Village. Love News was called out to the area and spoke to the chairman after the meeting.”


“I just want to say that I am grateful as the chairman of the community to hear the concerns of our villagers in the Ranch area. A meeting was held to hear out the people’s concerns. The meeting in my view was very successful in that we gave the people an opportunity to voice their concerns with members of the village council. The concern was mainly about a supposed subdivision within the area particularly in the Ranch area and so that was the main focus of the meeting.  The land is practically registered under a Chinese National’s name but what happened is that the village council did a survey on the land and a background check and noticed that it hasn’t had any tax payment on it for the past 24 years and so we find that as an opportunity to propose to the Ministry of Lands and the Government of Belize to guide us in the process of trying to acquire the land so that we can create lots for the villagers.


“Love news spoke to a resident, Ms. Banner tell us how you felt about the meeting.”


“Well I don’t think it’s fair because if people have so much land that they are farming on and they only have maybe three kids what are they going to do with the other piece and they have been living on a piece already. I think they should give the other piece to somebody else.”


“But you don’t feel that that is why the chairman called a meeting to try to address that?”


“Yes but then my point is still, he is trying to address it, I agree with him to some things but that part where he will give the farmers four piece but some of them only have two children or one what are they going to do with the rest and they already have so many that they already live on. They don’t need it.”


“As a mother of four tell us how you felt especially seeing so many people come out to voice their concerns just like you. You mentioned that you are not satisfied after the meeting.”


“I’m kind of satisfied because the chairman has some points. You have to give them some credit but I’m a mother of four, I don’t have land, I’m 33 years old and as Belizean citizen I think I am entitled to getting a piece of land so that is my biggest concern. There are people that come from the neighboring village and they take up an amount of land, that is not necessary. According to the meeting how it was going they will be given the land that they are sat on. As I am saying, I need land. All I’m fighting for is to get some land.”