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Camouflage wearing robbers targeted a construction supply store

ACP Joseph Myvett, said they are also investigating a robbery of a construction supplies store. In this incident, just like the last, it was committed by four men, but instead of donning black outfits, the quartet wore camouflage clothing.

ACP Joseph Myvette, CIB: “There were not much major crimes across the country since we last met with the exception of two robberies in the Corozal district. The first occurred on Monday the 16th of July shortly after 4:30pm information was received that the San Fa construction supply store located on the San Andres Road in Corozal was entered into by four armed men in camouflage clothing who entered the store and demanded money. As a result an undisclosed amount of coins were stolen from the cashier after which the assailants made good their escape into the nearby bushes. Police investigation into this matter is ongoing, we are following several leads but at this time there are no known suspects.”