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Campaign Funds Not Coming From PetroCaribe

For the last two municipals and the past two bi-elections, the People’s United Party has been telling the media that they are not financially equipped as the United Democratic Party when it comes to elections and campaigning.  The PUP has also gone as far as to accuse the Barrow Government of using tax payers’ monies in their campaign.  It is not the first time that Prime Minister Dean Barrow has been addressing this accusation but he did so again today as the PUP has been harping on the issue particularly since the national elections were announced for November 4.


“There is no PetroCaribe money being used to provide any kind of campaign funding for the candidates of the United Democratic Party; that would be improper and not even possible given that we have government officials such as the Financial Secretary and so many others to ensure that that not take place.  To the extent that PetroCaribe money does fund projects in constituencies, that’s as  it should be and if that helps the government, well fine.  It is this government that in fact negotiated the unlocking of the PetroCaribe funds, the restart of the program.” 

Each party will have to source funding for varied expenses from now leading to Election Day, ranging from transportation, advertisement, subsistence and payment for their campaigners among other incidentals.