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How can Bottle Caps Help fight Cancer?

Belizean parents who have children diagnosed with cancer now have somewhere they can turn to for financial support. That support comes from Banco de Tapitas, an association based in Queretaro, Mexico. The association’s work has crossed into Belize after their encounter with baby Leo, a Belizean child who was diagnosed with leukemia last year. The work of Banco de Tapitas is twofold. The way it works is that it collects plastic bottle caps for recycling. These come from all corners of the country and are then sold to recycling companies. The monies go into an account which are then disbursed to families of children battling cancer. Lifdy Perez Flores is the coordinator for the branch in state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

The first contact with Belize began when Leodegario Chan and his wife reached out to the Association for help after their son was diagnosed with leukemia. Their experience prompted the couple to extend the Association’s work into Belize to help more Belizean families.

The group assists children under 21 years of age. According to reports, there are over 7,500 children with cancer in Mexico and one child dies every four hours due to the disease in that country.