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Can the Guatemalan Government establish peace in the Sarstoon?

After all the formalities, the Belizean media was given the opportunity to ask a total of three questions to Guatemalan’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Sandra Jovel Polanco. One of those questions was in relation to the incident which unfolded at the Sarstoon River on Saturday. It was not the first time that Guatemalan Armed Forces stopped a Belizean vessel from entering the river and we don’t believe it will be the last. So the media asked Jovel Polanco what her Government is doing to promote peace and tranquility in that area. Here is how she responded.

Sandra Jovel Polanco, Guatemalan Foreign Affairs Minister

“”I think the meetings that have been recently held between Belize and Guatemala have, at the end, precisely that; To try to strengthened the relationship, strengthened peace and the culture of peace as we are seeing being reflected here today. I think the show of goodwill by both countries allows us to reflect more on that and I think what we are seeing today is exactly that; we are want to do and desire for our countries.”

Leader of the Opposition John Briceno has gone on record to say that Saturday’s event is a result of quote “Government not having a proper plan as to how we are going to address the Belize-Guatemala issue”.