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Can new CWU President successfully negotiate a new CBA for stevedores?

The Christian Workers Union represents fourteen entities, one of which is the stevedores. For more than a decade the CWU has been unable to successfully negotiate a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Port of Belize Limited. Negotiations have been held over the past years but both parties have been unable to agree on certain items. The CWU’s new Present, Evan Mose Hyde says it is time to move forward with the signing of a new agreement. 

Evan Mose Hyde Jr, CWU President: “Twelve years without an agreement is not good. So I think that all sides involved have to decide that that is not an acceptable situation. Over a decade without a collective bargaining agreement is just way too long and so attention has to be given, effort has to be given and it has to be done. So that is what I can say on that matter right now. The Christian Workers Union has been going through its own metamorphosis as a body, it was strong one time, it stagnated, they pressed the reset button a lot of that energy came out of the Stevedores themselves, the pressed the reset button and a lot of work has been done by my predecessors, Audrey Matura Shepherd accomplished many things, started a good momentum. I think it’s unfortunate that Mr.Trujeque who followed her was unable to complete his tenure because I think he has a very strong sense of how to negotiate, unionism and I believe was going in the right direction. I think my presence here is to say listen we are not going to go backward. This has been a difficult matter but my message to my brethren when I said I’m jumping in is because I will give everything I have to make the forward movement that is required here.”

Hyde was elected president during the CWU’s AGM on Saturday. The election was supervised by the Deputy Chief Elections Officer, Francisco Zuniga.