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Can the police discipline one of its own after wife drops case?

But turning to crimes closer to home and in the home. There was a case that recently went to court where a woman accused her common law husband, a police officer of allegedly pepper spraying her and beating her with a baton. The case fell apart after the woman refused to continue the case. We asked the Commissioner of Police if there was anything the department could do to discipline the officer, if the allegation could be proved.     

Chester Williams – Commissioner of Police: “I would want to think that the wife had since gone to court and requested for no further court action to be taken. That is very disappointing, you all know what our policy is, our policy is that once you are police and you are charged with a domestic offense you will be interdicted from duty pending the outcome of that court hearing/ disciplinary hearing. In situations where the wife had gone to the courts and said that she requests no further actions then our hands are tied in terms of moving forward. I am not even sure if we will be able to proceed internally with the matter because we will be requiring the testimony of the wife or the common law. If it is that she no longer wishes to pursue the matter then she may be reluctant to even come forward. Yes, we have had instances where the spouse may request no court action and we still proceed internally but that is only in situations where the police may have witnessed certain things occurring so it goes then under the Act of Principle, Order, and Discipline which we can convict without the testimony of the spouse. I am not sure what are the facts in respects to this case. I would have to be guided by Mr. Myvett or Mr. Jones who may have some first-hand knowledge on the matter.”