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Can PUP capture the majority of municipalities in the upcoming elections?

The People United Party presently controls only one municipality which is Orange Walk Town.  Linsford Castillo, the party’s Secretary-General says they are hopeful that these upcoming municipal elections will change all that.

Linsford Castillo – Secretary-General, PUP

“We are in full engagement as far as the ground campaign is concerned. We’re now really, less than a month away from the Municipal Elections. As a party, we feel very good and very optimistic about the results. I am not one to make any predictions. I can tell you for sure that the party will take on and take control of more municipalities.”

Johnelle McKenzie – Reporter

“Take it that you win the majority, how will you be able to make an impact on the nation since the central government is still the UDP?

Linsford Castillo – Secretary-General, PUP

“Well that is very easy to answer and I am very glad you asked because as I mentioned, the only council that we control right now as a party is the Orange Walk Town Council and I could say with great confidence that the Orange Walk Town Council is the most effective municipality in this country as we speak and the work that the Orange Walk Town Council has put in over the last three years under Mayor Kevin Bernard speaks for itself and it goes to show that you don’t need to have a central government in line with the municipal government to be effective as a council.”

All the mayoral candidates will be present at Sunday’s PUP’s National Convention.