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Canada Fund continues providing assistance to Julian Cho Society and Toledo Alcaldes Association

Last year, Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary of Confederation. One of the major themes of the anniversary was reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Here in Belize, the Canadian High Commission, through Canada Fund, continued their financial assistance to Julian Cho Society and Toledo Alcaldes Association.


Paul Mahung reporting…

“The Julian Cho Society and Toledo Alcaldes Association continue to have the support of Canada Fund for local initiatives. This continued support was mentioned by Carolina Guay, Canada Fund Project Manager of Canadian High Commission to Belize.

Carolina Guay – Project Manager

“Yesterday marked Canada’s 150th year of confederation. One of the four things my government chose for the celebration was the reconciliation of Canada’s indigenous peoples which means a recognition their contribution to our present and critical role in the billing of our future. In this context, the Canadian Government is happy to support through our CanadaFund Foe Local Initiatives, the Julian Cho Society in the execution of this project which precisely looks into strengthening the knowledge of Mayan Customary Law by Alcaldes, government officials, justice operators, women leaders, and Mayan communities. The participation of women leaders in this session is of particular relevance. We believe that in order to develop the community we need to have full participation of every member and segment of the population. Women can make an invariable contribution to economic development when given the chance to participate in community decisions.”

Guay was a main speaker during the recent gathering of Toledo Alcaldes and Deputies as part of a project entitled Strengthening Local Governance in Thirty Nine Maya Communities.