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Canadian Article Says Deshaies Is a Scapegoat in Double Murder

The international publicity on the double murders that occurred last month in northern Belize goes on unabated.  On Friday we told you that a Canadian national is being looked at for the murders although investigators have not indicated what the motive would be considering that he was a tenant and friend to 54-year-old, Francesca Matus.  While the investigation was in the infancy stage, Belize was taking a lot of heat and so were Belizeans.  Upon the allegation against the Canadian national, 54-year-old, John Deshaies, the international reports have taken another twist on the story.  The Barrie Examiner wrote, quote, “Friends of a former Barrie man named as the prime suspect in the double murder of Francesca Matus and her American boyfriend in Belize say cops have the wrong guy.  Media reports out of the Central American country named John Deshaies, 54, as the prime suspect in the shocking slayings but a family friend said investigators are making a scapegoat out of the construction company owner.”  End of quote.  It goes on to state, quote, “Belize is a very corrupt country. I think they’re actually keeping him in jail for his own safety,” the friend added. “They want it to seem like it’s a Canadian or American problem rather than a Belizean one.”  Members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are reportedly in Belize working on this investigation.  The Click Lancashire publication noted in their article, quote, “In the Corozal jurisdiction, police and members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation are investigating Deshaies for his connection to the murder of Matus and De Voursney. Since Matus’ personal belongings were not missing, police have ruled out theft as a motive.”  End of quote.  Deshaies has retained the legal services of Steve Perera.