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Canadian man killed in front of family

Thirty eight year old Canadian national Gabriel Bochnia was fatally shot early this morning while he and his wife along with their three children were exiting his vehicle at his house in the Chula Vista Area of Corozal Town. Police say that while Bochnia was opening his gates, an armed man with his faced covered with a rag who he recognized as “Polo” ran up to him and fired several shots in his direction. Bochnia was then shot to his abdomen. The gunman then turned his firearm to Bochnia’s wife, 27 year old Jeshanah Zetina. Fortunately he missed. “Polo” then ran, into the Recalde Stadium. Bochnia was rushed to the Corozal Community Hospital with the assistance of some neighbors. He was then transferred to the Northern Regional Hospital where he died while receiving treatment. Bochnia migrated to Corozal Town from Canada years ago.  He was an avid basketball player.