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Canadian Travelers Warned of Caribbean Destinations Including Belize

Residents of Canada are being urged via a notice to exercise a high degree of caution when they are visiting several Caribbean destinations.  The travel advisory for three Caribbean destinations was issued by the Government of Canada in latter January followed by additional warnings for four other countries in the region.  The advisory with a high degree of caution was for Suriname, Saint Lucia and Haiti.  Prior to those, a warning was issued for persons traveling to Guyana, the Dominican Republic and Belize, saying, quote, “travellers are all urged to “exercise a high degree of caution due to the high level of violent crime.”  The warning for Belize came just after the murder of an American national on January 14 in the western part of the country.  On a point of interest though, while Canadians were given that high-level advisory against Belize, Grenada was not in that category, despite the murder last week of an American tourist.  Instead, Canadians were only warned to exercise normal security precautions.