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Cancer Society Focuses on Outreach and Awareness for Women and Children

The Belize Cancer Society in collaboration with UNESCO, the Healthy Caribbean Coalition, the Belize Cancer Centre in Dangriga and the Ministry of Health is holding its annual Cancer Care Symposium. This year’s theme is “Caring, Coping and Surviving Cancer; Control – Not Beyond Us”.  Laura Tucker Longsworth, President of the Belize Cancer Society says that this year’s symposium focuses on outreach and awareness for women and children.


“This is an annual event for the Cancer Society.  During the month of May we hold an entire month of activities. This month we have been doing a lot of outreach and focusing on cervical cancer screening throughout the country. More importantly though the symposium focuses, the theme is “Caring, Coping and Surviving Cancer; Control – Not Beyond Us”. The cancer control not beyond us is very important because it takes on the whole gamut of cancer prevention. It speaks to the issue of life choices that we can make to perhaps get screening or take vaccines and it talks about exercising, weight control and all of that but then it moves us into early detection, treatment and quality of care and quality of life issues including survivor-ship.”