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Cancer Society gets APPdated

The Belize Cancer Society in collaboration with Speednet, the parent company for SMART, has launched an APP that will assist people to be more aware of the organization. The app which was launched this morning will help people to be more educated about the different types of cancer.

Adelaide Sabido, Public Relations, Smart: “The marketing department decided in June to collaborate with the highly skilled IT colleagues that we have at Smart and representatives of the Belize Cancer Society to explore the possibilities of creating an app that can be the hub of information readily accessible for Belizeans. Today we celebrate the launching of Belize’s first cancer app designed and produced by smart of which has been gifted to the Belize Cancer Society. This app will serve as a resource tool for those individuals and families affected by cancers and other non communicable diseases that plague so many.”

Mondina Privoto, Intern, Belize Cancer Society: “You will see the information tab and that is where you will get most of the information on it. We have information about cancer so you can just click on the very first tab which is ‘Cancer’ and what is cancer and how to get your family to help you, how to talk to your children about cancer if you have it and different things basically just to educate yourself. The other tabs, we have tabs about breast cancer, cervical cancer and basically just different kinds and you can just go on them and get the specific ones that you want. The next one is the BMI calculator and this is just to help you to get a better understanding of yourself so basically you would just go in and put in your weight and height and calculate it and it would tell you where you are on the BMI schedule; it will tell you if you are a normal weight or if you are on the verge of being obese and things like that are helpful because if you are aware of your body you are able to know the changes to make. The next tab on the app is the doctors tab, it’s currently being updated so that will have the names of doctors, their phone numbers, their addresses and some of them will even have email addresses so you will be able to get in contact with them.”

The app can be downloaded from the Belize Cancer Society’s website.