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Candian women battered and robbed in Corozal Town

Two elderly Canadian women were robbed and beaten in Corozal Town. The incident happened on April 7, but the Belize Police Department has not issued any official report on the matter. Love News understands however that the women, one of them the proprietor of a hotel and restaurant in Corozal Town had driven to one of their homes shortly after closing shop. The women parked in front of the house for several minutes and ensured no one was around before the business owner exited the vehicle. We are told that it was at that moment that a man approached her friend in the passenger seat and hit her. At the same time a second male person approached her from behind and hit her with a gun. Her assailant proceeded to beat her in the head, causing abrasions on her forehead and on top of her head. Her friend eventually managed to get up and went to her defense, causing the men to flee. They managed to take the business woman’s purse which contained fourteen thousand dollars in cash, her passport and other documents. The women were later hospitalized. The business owner received eleven stitches.