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Candice Miller says suspension is unlawful

City Administrator, Candice Miller has written to the Mayor of Belize City, Bernard Wagner, over her suspension. Miller was placed on a month suspension with pay. But according to Miller, her suspension did not follow the proper procedure and the reason was too vague. She wrote to Mayor Bernard Wagner demanding that she returns to her post as she believes that her suspension was unlawful. Today, Mayor Wagner confirmed that he has received the letter. When the media tried to press him on the matter, PUP Chairman, Henry Charles Usher, whisked him away.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “We have received the letter and we have forwarded it to our attorneys and our attorneys will look at it and we will get back to them following our attorneys looking over that letter.”

Reporter: It seems as though its on its way to court, that the City Administrator is going to sue you and the City Council; are you gearing up or preparing for that ?

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “Well we’ll discuss that issue at a later date. The letter is in the hands of our attorneys and we will take it from there. I want to leave it at that, we have received her letter that is in our attorney’s hands now and I will just leave it at that.”

Reporter: Would you say that the decision taken was based on the advice of legal counselors on your part?

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: All our decisions have legal implications. We follow our attorneys every step of the way. Like I said we received the letter, we have forwarded it to ur attorneys, we will seek their advice and we will get back to her.”

And while the PUP’s Chairman pulled Mayor Wagner away from the press, his boss, John Briceno was more than willing to answer the question relating to Miller’s suspension. Her suspension is expected to be up by the end of this month and today Briceno advised the Mayor and Miller to dialogue.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader: “I don’t know if there’s a rift per se but I believe that every government, both national and local, should be given the opportunity to be able to put some of the people they want to work with. I think if it was not illegal it was unethical for the previous mayor- I think it was October of last year to give the City Administrator a four year contract- I think it was unethical I think it was wrong and he should have never done it and I think I am sure that with dialogue you can find a solution to most anything once both parties are prepared to come with a solution that works for all parties.”

Miller has retained the services of Attorney Magali Perdomo.