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Candidates for the PUP’s Party Leader Seat Won’t Speak to Media

The National Executive of the People’s United Party met this afternoon at Independence Hall in Belize City for a session that would determine the details of the upcoming Special National Convention.  The media camped outside the headquarters on Queen Street for over two hours in the hopes of getting interviews primarily from the three men vying for the leadership position.  Sadly, things didn’t turn out as we hoped as only the Secretary General Myrtle Palacio was allowed to speak.  There wasn’t much coming out of her presentation other than the fact that the convention will be held in Belmopan on January 31, 2016.  Here is how that went.


The National Executive has the authority at this time since we are going into a Special National Convention, special because the month of December is not the usual convention time and we will be voting for several posts including those post of Party Leader. We have a Party Leader right now, until the party leader is elected he is Francis Fonseca and he is also the Leader of the Opposition. I have been charged to start the process of the election, preparing for the election. We expect that the delegate list will come to this office to the Chairman, Henry Usher and myself. The deadline is December 29th at 5pm and that is the list that will go into election on January 31. The convention will take place in Belmopan at a venue that is to be disclosed at a later date. We are in this convention looking at several posts for deputy party leaders under our constitutions, one party leader, one treasurer and other various positions in the party. It’s a full slate of the top members of the national executive that we will be voting on. The delegates vary and consist of regional caucuses, the party organs themselves, each division will get to have one out of 25 votes that they receive that the candidate received in the last general election. We expect to have a little over 2900 delegates to this election including that group of people. In terms of the party arms we have ODS, UWG, the Marshalls, the Policy Unit and the Communication Unit, they will bring delegates to this convention so we expect to have a little over 2900 voters to this election.”

The three vying for leadership of the party are John Briceno, Francis Fonseca and Cordel Hyde.  As Palacio mentioned, the deadline for the delegates list to be submitted to the Secretariat is December 29.