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Cane Farmers Unhappy about this Year’s Cane Season

This year’s sugar cane season has come to an end and as mentioned previously sugar productions have broken records.  Despite this, the amount that the farmers receive per tonnes remains at a low of $45.80. As reported by the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) this year’s results are bittersweet for farmers, as they are still left with sugar cane in their fields. Farmers are asked, by contract, to deliver 7,000 tons of cane to the factory; however, reports are that only 6,157.13 tons were able to be processed. This is due to unplanned stoppages, factory downtime and slow grinding rates resulting in a loss for farmers. According to BSCFA, the factory seems to be more focused on building storage facilities rather than investing in equipment to increase grinding rate. The Association will continue to demand changes from the factory to ensure that all produce from farmers are received, as per contract. They will start to celebrate the high numbers of production when it translates to farmers receiving more payment per ton.