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Cannon speaks on the ICJ

With the referendum approaching in April of two thousand nineteen, many are still unsure whether to vote yes or no, to take Belize to the ICJ. However, their uncertainty may be due to a lack of knowledge on the history of the Belizean-Guatemalan Dispute, or how important their choice is for the country. Knowledge and discussion by all leaders are important, particularly, the clergy.  Cannon Leroy Flowers from the Anglican Diocese, weighed in on the matter.

Canon Leroy Flowers Anglican Diocese: “Look at the Guatemalan issue which is such an important issue in the life of this nation and all our political leaders have their own personal agendas rather than sitting down as national leaders and saying to us ladies and gentlemen citizens of Belize we are the Diplomats, we are the people who govern. This is what happens in such an arena, this is the consequences of certain actions. We are not getting that, everybody is having a five minutes under the sun to determine and blow their pipe and forgetting that for the first time in the history of this nation Belize and Guatemala agree to one thing only and the only thing we agree to is to go to the ICJ you know; that is the only thing. Belize and our national leaders all of them religious, political, civil cannot sit down at the same table and have a meaningful discussion to help the Belizean people to open their minds as to where we go. What happens if we say no and the OAS move its adjacent officers from the adjacency line. What will happen to us as a people. We will not have this opportunity again. Those are the kinds of issues that is vexing this nation and people are angry.”