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Captain Elton Bennett Graduates from the Royal College of Defense Studies and King’s College in the UK

Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard, Captain Elton Bennett marked his first day back on the job, a year after completing graduate studies in the United Kingdom. He graduated from both the Royal College of Defense Studies and King’s College, after defending his thesis in the international security and strategy program. He was a guest on The Morning Show today, where he explained how he will use this knowledge to lead the BCG.

Cpt. Elton Bennett, Commandant, Belize Coast Guard: “We identified this this program in Belize as the course required by commanders of the military to attend in order to take command. It’s a similar course that the BDF attends. The Belize  Defense Force has been sending their commanders to that course for the past  four terms and I had the opportunity to to attend after I took command. I took command in 2019, and went off to school in 2020. So it’s a strategic level course and designed to prepare you, prepare the Commander for senior level strategic position and it really focuses on international security and strategy. There’s a thread of leadership in a strategic environment that really prepares the commander to work not only within his organization but across government working in partnership with those security agencies from the government service but also those non governmental organizations that are crucial in supporting us and supporting them in achieving our common interests in a maritime domain. The course really gave me a good understanding of the international security system and how international relations come to play. Quite often in Belize we’re very inward looking and we don’t look external enough to see how we are impacted and how we should shape our policies and decision making. All of those factors that come to play in international relations were really eye opening for me. So the different regions and in the world, particularly the bigger nations but we also studied small states and how small states impact international relations as well so that was my area of interest. My thesis was on the Central America and Caribbean region and how the region was affected by great power competition between the United States and China so we started security within our global context but for my interests, I was more focused on our region.”

During the time Captain Bennett was abroad, the BCG was commanded by Vice Commandant Gregory Soberanis.