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Caracol, Fewer Incursions … Better Security

September 2014 saw the slaying of Special Constable, Danny Conorquie in the Caracol area, Cayo District, whilst he was on patrol duty.  The incident brought on outrage by the public and Belizeans, in general as it is believed that the murder was committed by a Guatemalan who was trespassing on Belizean territory.  Subsequent to the incident, the tourist attraction was closed to the public as authorities in various sectors, mainly tourism and national security, worked on improved strategies.  Today, in an interview with Brigadier General, David Jones, we asked him to give us an update on the rate of incursions, if it is still happening as well as the security in place.


The main buffer for Caracol was the area of Valentin where we had concerns with incursions from our neighboring countries coming over. We have seen a significant drop but there are still a few incursions mainly for agrarian reasons. We have people coming over doing planting, lumber has reduced dramatically we haven’t been having cases of illegal lumber being cut as we did in the past because we had that conservation post there. The soldiers are working diligently there and things have reduced there but the patrols continue. It’s even more effective now because we have the CP that was constructed there and we also have the base at Caracol where we have soldiers stationed there as well so we have increased the level of security to the effect that we don’t expect to see any incidents with regards to the likes of what happened with Danny Conorquie.”

The Caracol ruin is one of Belize’s largest Maya sites and is located near the Guatemalan border in the Cayo District.