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Cardona Still Practicing Law

Two weeks ago we had reported to you that following a meeting of the General Legal Counsel, it was recommended that Attorney Marcel Cardona be suspended from practicing law in Belize following a complaint by one of his former clients.  Today, however, a notice was sent out from the law firm, Marine Parade Chambers, clarifying that up to date no such decision or recommendation had been taken by the General Legal Counsel and therefore Cardona continues to practice law out of his firm, El Ceibo Delta Street in Orange Walk Town.  The complaint against Cardona was made by a Czechoslovakian woman, who had acquired the services of Cardona to get her son out of jail in June 2013.  In an affidavit that she filed, Hana Belickova accuses Cardona of overcharging her in the thousands and using close to twenty thousand dollars of her money to bribe court officials on behalf her son, Martin Muzikant.  Cardona has since spoke out on the issue, denying the allegations.