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Career fair showcases youths entrepreneurial skills

A career fair to showcase life skills work projects done by youths was recently held in Punta Gorda. Paul Mahung reports.

Paul Mahung, Love FM

“A career fair to showcase life skills work project done by youths was recently held in Punta Gorda. During the opening ceremony at the Punta Gorda Central Park guest speaker was Oceanographer and Climate Modeling Environmental Technology and Business Graduate of University of Southampton England Maxim Julian.”

Maxim Julian, Guest Speaker

“Your number one mission as a business owner and entrepreneur is to keep your motivation high all the time and the way you do this is by surrounding yourself by equally positive and motivated people- that is the first step. The second one is that as young people and entrepreneurs you shouldn’t focus on the money so much at the start the reason being that no one knows you and if no one knows you no one is going to buy from you so you should put all your effort into it at the beginning is exposure. The third one is that if you have the internet that is all you need to start a business, you can go to online courses, YouTube videos that will teach you everything that you need to know and that is the beauty of entrepreneurship is that you can never be too young or old, too stupid too poor, all it takes is an idea, a well formulated idea and learn as much as you can.”

Paul Mahung, Love FM

“The career fair was coordinated by TIDE as explained by TIDE’s community development officer Elmer Requea.”

Elmer Requena, TIDE Community Development Officer

“TIDE in partnership with the Department of Youth Services with the support of the US Embassy recently completed our first annual career fair. The goal of the career fair was to showcase the services that youths are providing within the district. This is the completion of year one of our project. During this career fair we are able to showcase the different trainings, these include hospitality, food and beverage, bartending, masonry, landscaping, sewing, electrical plumbing, building repair and maintenance. So these are different services that 137 youths are now offering within the district starting October we will offering these 12 training again so youths between the ages of 14 and 29 are encouraged the apply at the Department of Youth Services or at the TIDE office.”

Paul Mahung, Love FM

“The one day career fair was held under the theme ‘Empowering Toledo Youths to be productive citizens of Belize.”