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Career Opportunity to be a Translator

There is a new online course being offered for those looking for a career in translation.  If you have the desire to be a professional translator, this is your opportunity.  Lennox Lamb, the Administrator of Speak Out, spoke with Love News about the course.

Lennox Lamb, Administrator of Speak Out

“A nine month course is done online. It’s for Belizeans who are bilingual who have a minimum of an Associate’s Degree because you have to have a level of understanding to be able to do translation work. What it would do is allow them to source local and international translation jobs because the certification is international certification. The course is a nine month course. It’s a certification course. It will be primarily online. The professor from Venezuela will come in once every three months for a week to do exam and classes with them and the rest of the course will be done online.”

Professor Irma Brito spoke about the exciting new course that can open up a whole new world for many Belizeans.

Irma Brito, Professor

“Translation is a profession. It is not a new profession but it is a profession that has become very important because of the knowledge. Technological developments have really enhanced the profession because nowadays, a translator is able to work anywhere in the world regardless of where you live because of internet and the idea is, a translator, that’s the requirements we have, we need students to have at least an Associate’s Degree  or a Bachelor’s Degree because a translator is a person with a strong cultural background, a person who has been trained in a field of knowledge you know University or College and is a person who has a very good command of his own language and another language. This time we are doing translation, English-Spanish-English.”

The course is a nine month course that costs five thousand dollars. Lamb explains why becoming certified will be worth your while.

Lennox Lamb, Administrator of Speak Out

“For you, you are translating at your job for free because you are not trained. A translator charges twenty seven US cents per word so now you can tell your boss, I’m certified. If you want a proper certification this is what I should be paid. So you’re opening up the doors for a whole lot of money. Secondly just imagine you get into trouble in Chetumal and you have to go to Court. You have lawyers there, you are about to be charged. Do you want someone off the street that knows English to tell you what is going on in court or you want the Mexican government to provide you with a trained translator so that’s the difference. There is more money if you want it for an industry or if you want if for a new career so that’s the whole idea and like I said on The Morning Show once single job, because we do a lot of translation, one single job, one large document pays for that entire course.”

Orientation for the course will be held on Monday, September 18 at 2:30 p.m.