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Caregivers learn child stimulation through art

The Department of Human Services’ Roving Caregivers Program is hosting Raquel Robles Pacheco as she trains members of the Roving Caregivers Program. Kim Vasquez Youth development Officer at NICH told us more.

Kim Vasquez Youth development Officer at NICH: The Roving caregivers program is a program that is under the Department of human services, it is actually found throughout the Caribbean as I understand it and what it does is provide access to early stimulation and activities for families and children ages 1-3 that live in very rural or very remote areas that have limited access to early child hood stimulations maybe even like preschools.

Reporter: So the persons participating here are people who work directly with children in this age range?

Kim Vasquez Youth development Officer at NICH: Yes they are all rovers, this group here this is actually their second training, they were trained last year as well and they are receiving additional training this week to build upon the skills that they already obtained as I said they provide early childhood stimulation to children in their homes and they work with the parents and the children and what Niche has been doing through ICA. Through the Institute of creative arts is showing the rovers how expressive arts can be used to enhance the work that they do in the homes with children. You want to be looking at things that will stimulate the baby’s interests in developing their fine motor skills, their gross motor skills, speech and just keeping their little minds as active and engaged and we know that in very rural areas materials are limited. Things that we take for granted like electronic toys or even tablets might not be accessible; and we believe as well that the expressive arts can be combined with this kind of work and so what she has been doing is showing how very cheap and accessible materials that can be used to make puppets, can be used to make little toys for children in the homes and show the rovers how these things can be used to build early childhood development skills. This particular group works in the Belize district. Next week Ms. Raqueline will also be training another group down in Toledo. Raquel Robles Pacheco from Hermesio Mexico has been visiting Belize for many years now through the institute of creative arts and she does a variety of different training programs most of which as I said focuses on childhood development within the expressive arts. Puppetry is her main area but she also does drama, singing and she also does arts and crafts for children.


The program is in its sixth year.