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Caretaker’s Wife Killed by Alleged Swine Thieves

Belmopan Police are investigating an early morning murder in More Tomorrow Village.  According to family members of the deceased, it was an apparent robbery that ended up in murder.  Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.

FEM CRUZMore Tomorrow Murder Scene

“Belmopan CIB continues their investigation into a number of murders here in the Cayo South area; the latest being this morning. This morning sometime around 1am, police were called out to an area between miles 39 and 40 on the George Price Highway, about two miles down the More Tomorrow Road. Upon arrival at a farm, they went into a wooden house and saw the body of a Hispanic woman lying face up on a bed with what appeared to be a gunshot to the left side of the neck. She was identified to be 39-year-old, Paula Garcia Zacharias, a Guatemalan national who resided in Orange Walk Town. With the permission of the father, Love News spoke to the daughter of the deceased, 15-year-old, Elisa Garcia and the owner of the farm, Michael Flowers who received the shocking phone call from the Village Chairman.”


“Last night about 1am the dogs began to bark and then my father stood up and looked through the window. He saw a car, a white taxi; that taxi began to move slowly and then he began to shoot and then my father told my mom to get down on the floor and when she was getting down they shot her in the neck through the window then they left and all of us stayed down and when we didn’t hear any noise we got out and saw if anyone was there. When I looked over to my mother she was already dead.”


“What do you think the person or persons came to do here at the farm?”More Tomorrow Murder Scene 2


“They came here because they wanted to steal pigs and when they saw us they shot at us and left the pigs then they left.”


“About 3:30 this morning I received a call from the Chairman of More Tomorrow Village stating that my caretaker is at his residence and mentioned to him that they had just shot his wife. Immediately I got up and got ready and came to the farm. First of all I called the police and informed them of the incident after which I came to the farm and discovered that what he had said was true. What he did mention through an More Tomorrow Murder Scene 3interpreter to me is that about 1am it seems that some people came to steal pigs and they put on their lights and were about to proceed to come out to see what was going on and they came straight up to the house before they were able to come out of the house and shot at the house of which the wife of the said man who is taking care of my property got shot. I am extremely saddened to hear that, these people just came here on Saturday they haven’t even set up all their things as yet and this was what happened. I am very shocked and I am really passionate about my farm but this has surely put a damper on what I am going to do with this farm.”