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Caribbean Midwife Association trains Belizean mid-wives

A two-day workshop was held today at the Belize Biltmore Plaza, where 20 mid-wives were trained in competency- based education. Among those taking the workshop are midwifery trainers and Deputy Director of Health Services (Nursing), Augustina Elijio told Love News about the expected outcome of the workshop.


Augustina Elijio – Deputy Director of Health Services (Nursing)

“We do hope that the trainers here will go back to their respective areas. For example the lecturers would go back and start integrating what is learnt here, the whole aspect of how you do competency based training with the students so it’s not only having didactic sessions but you could have through different modalities having your midwives being trained. It could be online training, you could have practical training, you will also be expected to be increased in your critical thinking and your logical thinking and clinical decision making so we are expected that personnel could go back and integrate what was learnt here for those in the hospital setting for them to know how to work, how to teach their midwifery students when they are on the clinical units.”

Two facilitators from the Caribbean Midwife Association are in Belize to conduct the workshop. The Caribbean Midwife Association is tasked with the responsibility to disseminate information to the midwives in the English speaking Caribbean countries to ensure that there are similarities within the profession.