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Caribbean Motors to open state of the art showroom

Caribbean Motors will officially open its new showroom in Belize City on Friday at five in the evening. The event promises to be a big one says Sales Manager, Emil Torres.


Emil Torress – Sales Manager

“This facility isn’t only a showroom but we also have a wide array of maintenance and servicing equipment that we are unveiling as well. See Caribbean Tires is actually a distributer for Valvoline. Valvoline is the first producers of oils in the world with over 150 years of experience and they are the only ones that are not tied into a refinery, into a gas station and because of this they have the special cleaning machinery that maintains everything in your vehicle, all state of the art high tech equipment that we are offering here at our Valvoline Oil Change facility under Caribbean Motors in Belize City so that is one thing that we are doing it’s the grand opening. The second thing is actually the unveiling of the new Wingle 6 which is a much nicer and higher quality on these vehicles. So today and tomorrow check us out come out we are going to have Scotia Bank here at the dealership all day tomorrow so come in and get pre-approved so once you get that for every $5,000 you spend you automatically get a chance into that barrel. So if you buy the most affordable Wingle for $35,000 that is seven raffle tickets so you can buy a new Wingle and get a new Wingle for free.”


Torres adds that the company will also be celebrating its tenth anniversary and for that reason, it is giving away a brand new 2017 Great Wall Wingle.


Emil Torress – Sales Manager

“Come out tomorrow, all day long. We are going to be having Scotiabank all day long so come in and get pre-approved. Once you are pre-approved, for every $5,000.00 that you spend



The public is encouraged to visit the new location on the Phillip Goldson Highway adjacent to Caribbean Tire.