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Caribbean People as One

Encuentro is in its third day of a week long event, coordinated by the Methodist Church.  Young people continue to acquaint themselves with each other and are doing their best to overcome language barrier, among other things. Love News had a chance to speak with some of the youths from other countries to get their feedback.

Jerand Phiwls – St. Vincent: “ Well one of the things that we have been encouraged to do is not to stick to our own country and district but to meet and fellowship with others and so there are different things that have been geared towards this for example when it is time to eat. The groups that we are placed even in terms of accommodations we are mixed with other portions so as a result of that we get to know people and I think that has been a blessing so far.

Reporter: “What are some of the foods that you find new that you would not find in your country back home?”

Jerand Phiwls – St. Vincent: “Okay for example yesterday we had ducunu but back home ducunu is something that is made of sweet potato but the ducunu we had yesterday was made of corn so I had that. Also at the hotel at different times we saw creole bread so I discovered that that is something local and different things but I can’t remember the name.”

Voice 1: “I will take back everything and try to get more youths in our group because I am in a women’s group back home and will try to get some more of my friends,  talk to them and give them ideas that we can do in church.

 Voice 2: “One thing that I will take back is the importance of Music Ministry because I have seen how alive the spirits in the youth here have become when the music starts playing so I think that is important to take back to any church.”

One of the participants from Panama told Love News that the event is a great opportunity for young adults and helps them to prepare for the future to come while doing it in an environment where they can have fun.

Marion Alleyne – Panama: “What I encounter here is an opportunity to educate the youths to be ready for jobs in the future while still having fun and being entertained, it is a great opportunity. They are very similar, they are both tropical countries and they are both on the coast. When I am here it reminds me of my country however it is a bit hotter here. They are very much alike, the people, the place, the vibes, and the food.”

Encuentro continues until the end of this week, this evening the youths were engaged in community service all around Belize City. /////