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Caribbean Shores area representative speaks on legal fees paid out by GOB

Today the Government fast tracked the readings of two bills to prevent Belize’s foreign reserves and assets becoming the subject of litigation by any foreign entity. This was Government’s reaction to the US fifty million dollar arbitration award. While supporting the amendments, Caribbean Shores Area Representatives, Kareem Musa, Area Representative, pointed out the huge legal fees attached to the cases.

Kareem Musa, Caribbean Shores Area Representative

“What we have to understand, because I listened to the Prime Minister very carefully this morning and he raised the issue of litigation risk and he said that all attorneys in here should know about litigation risk. I fully support the Prime Minister in that regard but where was that concern eight years ago this matter when they acquired BTL should have been settled eight long years ago but instead it was dragged on through the courts all the way to the CCJ resulting in $27 million dollars in litigation fees alone. Madam speaker, for the record and before I am even misconstrued I don’t believe Michael Ashcroft should get another dollar that is my position but I also agree that the Barrow family should not get another dollar either in litigation fees.”

The Senate meets on Monday to debate the two bills.